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Level II

JMP® in a Focused Environment for New and Experienced Users ( 2019-EU-EPO-084 )

Level: Intermediate
Job Function: Programmer
Hans de Roos, Director, Octoplus Information Solutions


Best E-Poster Finalist


A number of JMP applications were developed to analyze the quality of ground samples in the mining industry. Those applications are all packaged in a product called MAQ Toolkit (Mining Analytical Quality Assurance/Quality Control). QA/QC analysis is done to ensure that the resource estimation is based on the best quality data fit for purpose. Although the current analyses are done on well-established processes and generally give the necessary reports, some users want to add or do their own analysis. New releases of JMP are regularly available – every 18 months. New analytical and reporting features are regularly added (e.g., Graph Builder, Tabulate, Control Chart Builder, explore outliers and new features in measurement systems analysis). To allow the users to make use of those new facilities, a parallel analysis environment is created to give the users more freedom to analyze the data. At the same time, it gives them access to already developed analysis methodologies.