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JMP(R) Public: A Website for Showing Off Your Data ( 2019-EU-EPO-133 )

Level: Beginner
Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer
Daniel Valente, JMP Senior Product Manager, SAS
Jon Weisz, JMP Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, SAS

JMP Public is a website for sharing JMP graphs, reports and dashboards. Prepare your reports in JMP 14.2 and publish them to JMP Public at to share your results with the world. JMP Public offers the visual interactivity of JMP to explore and filter your data, and lets you point to all of your visualizations in one location, easily update reports and visualization and extend the functionality of JMP Public reports to other locations by embedding and interacting with your reports in web pages, blogs, social media posts and more. This talk will show how to publish reports to JMP Public, replace reports and automate the publishing of reporting through JSL.