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How to Handle Ad Hoc Investigative Analyses by Means of JMP(R) ( 2019-EU-EPO-095 )

Level: Beginner
Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer
Swetlana Berger, Expert Biostatistician, GSK Vaccines

In clinical trials, the procedures to prepare human biological samples for the testing and the testing procedure are rather regulated and complex, with requirements to accurately and precisely follow several steps. If one of the implemented control procedures fails, investigations take place and the variety of questions to address is wide. For example, is there an impact from any new equipment? May the observed difference be due to changes in the manufacturing of reagents provided by external suppliers? Do we observe a single event or is it a general shift in performance? JMP is versatile and flexible software that we consider to be the perfect choice for such non-standard investigative analyses and it is able to address the variety of questions raised. We will show how JMP tools and platforms can be used to investigate the origin of the failure and to answer these questions.