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Level III

A Structured Approach to Programming With JSL for Building Real World, Scalable Applications ( 2019-EU-30MP-098 )

Level: Intermediate
Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer
Troy Hickey, Senior Yield Engineer, Intel Ireland


Best Contributed Paper Finalist


For many, JMP is the critical, first-line tool for data analysis and visualization. JSL, its companion programming language, is sometimes used in conjunction with JMP to assist in standardizing analysis, automating repetitive tasks and generating consistent output for the end user. Becoming an enhanced JSL user offers enormous benefits in terms of productivity (automation), quality of output (consistent code and consistent decision making) and safety (less PC usage). It also offers a great opportunity for data analysts to move from using JMP as an analysis tool to building fully featured system platforms, integrating advanced front interfaces, database connectivity, data analysis and dynamic reporting. This presentation will focus on a proposed set of guidelines for standardizing JSL code for reuse; developing advanced graphical user input; and building consistent, real-world, robust, scalable applications.