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What Did They Mean by That? The Essentials of Text Explorer in JMP® (EU 2018 414)

Level: Intermediate
Don McCormack, JMP Technical Enablement Engineer, SAS
Bill Worley, JMP Technical Enablement Engineer, SAS

People make comments, machines output status. There are massive amounts of words and phrases that could be used to better understand comments or summaries. The question many companies are asking is what to do with these mountains of untapped unstructured data. Text Explorer in JMP offers you a data mining tool to help analyze and better understand your customers, or why that new piece of equipment that was supposed to save your business is not behaving as expected. The presenters will show off the new platform features in JMP 14, along with features found in the original Text Explorer in JMP 13. Text Explorer has many features that quickly and easily help you determine frequently used terms and phrases that are driving consumer comments or machine reliability. Several case studies will be used to show how amazingly easy it is to clean your data; for instance, options like Local Recode or adding stop words and phrases that have little or no meaning to your analysis. Word clouds are popping up all over and you will learn how to generate an interactive word cloud in just a couple of clicks.
The presenters will demonstrate advanced text exploration tools in JMP Pro and how to use Latent Sematic SVD and Topic Analysis within Text Explorer to uncover new insights from your unstructured data. Finally, the presenters will demonstrate that by taking advantage of your transformed unstructured data along with your structured data you can build more predictive and informative models.

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