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Level I

Project, Insight, Action!!! (EU2018 116)

Level: Intermediate
Martin Owen, Director, Insight by Design

As a lecturer and trainer, I am very interested in the capabilities offered by the new Projects functionality in JMP 14. I see this platform extending our abilities to enhance organizational memory, bringing material (data sets, scripts, model and visualization reports) together from different sources. We can map onto existing file structures and create a new organizational structure via a single document interface. In this presentation, I will give examples of the potential for JMP 14 Projects as a teaching tool. The aim is to accelerate learning and help teams or organizations adopt new workflows, retain insights from prior studies, make better decisions and take action. The flexible Projects workspace brings to life compelling stories. It is now easy to: (a) create a workflow of sequential operations, from designing experiments to analyzing and documenting key information and actions; (b) show how information builds over a series of experimental design work packages; (c) compare and select from different modeling and visualization approaches; (d) create and archive standard reports that update when new data is entered. A bonus is that it is now easier to manage and curate data as I work – closing a current session ready to regenerate the next day couldn’t be simpler.