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Level IV

Predictive Control Synthesis of an Industrial Control Loop With JMP® (EU2018 205)

Level: Advanced
Thomas Zelikman, Senior Consultant, NNE

An industrial setup is presented, where JMP was used to import and join files from several different temporal data sources, including vibration measurements, machine operation data and video files. With JSL in JMP, it was possible to create a script that performs all necessary conversions and preconditioning of data such as extraction of sound from video files, spectral analysis of sound and vibration and synchronization of temporal data with geometrical measurement positions on the specimens produced in the process to enable linking process events with measurements on the output. Multivariate methods were used to create a prediction of the output suitable for exporting predictor expression to the controller. Design of experiments methods were used to identify how the output should be affected to close the control loop and obtain the desired response.

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