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One-Stop Model Building With the Generalized Regression Platform (EU 2018 421)

Level: Intermediate
Clay Barker, JMP Senior Research Statistician Developer, SAS

Variable selection – the process of choosing a set of factors or predictors to model a response – is an essential part of the model-building process. Luckily, it does not have to be a painful process. The Generalized Regression platform (Genreg) in JMP Pro provides a variety of automated variable selection techniques that make this process fast and easy. After using the platform, we are left with a parsimonious model that will predict well on new data. We will look at using Genreg to build models in a variety of settings, starting with an orthogonal designed experiment and moving to large observational data sets. We will also preview some of the new Genreg features in JMP 14, like modeling multilevel categorical responses and the Dantzig Selector.

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