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New and Advanced Views in JMP® 14 Graph Builder (EU 2018 423)

Level: Beginner
Xan Gregg, JMP Director of Research and Development, SAS
Scott Wise, JMP Principal Systems Engineer, SAS

In this session, we’ll first take a guided tour of several new and refined Graph Builder features in JMP 14. A new interval drop zone makes custom error bars easier. Several kinds of jitter have been added, including a new default. A completely new bar chart style called “packed bars” extends Pareto charts. More element types support parallel coordinates for compact multivariate views. Contours can be smoothed. Elementary statistics are accessible.
Then we will explore how to build popular and captivating advanced graph views using JMP Graph Builder. We have created brand new pictures for the Gallery 3 journal that features additional views available in the latest versions of JMP. We will show several popular industry graph formats that you may not have known could be easily built within JMP. Views such as incorporating bullet charts, two-way error bars, volcano plots and more can help breathe life into your analytics and provide a compelling platform to help manage your results.


See Creating Effective Visualizations using Graph Builder for base materials. Additional materials attached.

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