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Getting to the Fun Part: How to Prepare Your Data for Analysis (EU 2018 420)

Level: Beginner
Brian Corcoran, JMP Director of Research and Development, SAS
Mandy Chambers, JMP Development Tester, SAS
Kelci Miclaus, JMP Life Sciences R&D Manager, SAS

JMP visualization and statistical analysis platforms allow you to discover meaningful signals, trends and insights to your data. When a project requires working with multiple complex data files, getting to that “aha” moment requires necessary data querying, joining, import, exploration and cleaning.  It is not uncommon for up to 80 percent of your time to be spent solely on data preparation in complex or large data analysis tasks. This session highlights the use of several new features in JMP 13 and JMP 14 to get you to that analysis-ready state quickly and easily. 

We will discuss how data can be queried and imported from a database and opened and joined with the JMP Query Builder, as well as multiple file import options new in JMP 14. JMP 13 introduced virtual join to JMP data tables, which allows you to specify common keys to link multiple tables. New capabilities in JMP 14 direct a table to listen or dispatch row state changes among linked tables. We will demonstrate how these new features allow virtually joined tables to “talk” to each other by sharing row states for easy data exploration and immediate analysis/dashboard creation without table manipulation.

Finally we will tackle the dirty job of cleaning your data, highlighting new features of Recode to demonstrate how we can now replace strings using regular expressions, remove unwanted punctuation, save Recode scripts, reuse and append to them and even use value labels if the column has them already assigned. These topics will streamline every JMP user's experience with import, table exploration and data cleaning, leaving more time for fun: data analysis.