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Level II

Design of Experiment in Numerical Simulation (EU2018 208)

Level: Power
Olivier Brack, Consultant in Industrial Statistics, KSIC

On the eve of the publication of a new AFNOR standard (FDX06 081) devoted to DOE on simulation and industrial tests, we show an example of a JMP application to solve an optimization problem performance of a tracked vehicle undercarriage based on numerical simulations. After processing the data from unplanned simulations to address the problem, new simulations were performed to obtain more relevant information. These new simulations were also carried out to obtain data for comparing designed experiments, with a pedagogical objective in the framework of training at École Polytechnique. This example shows the utility, too often neglected, of the DOEs in numerical simulation. From the design of the tests, to the recalibration of the theoretical model on real experimental data, passing, obviously by the statistical treatment (notably taking into account the experimental variability, too often and so unfairly put aside in simulation) and graphical of the results of the plans, this presentation highlights the performance of JMP in achieving the requirements of DOEs in numerical simulation.
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