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The New and Improved Formula Editor in JMP 13

 Mike Muhlada, JMP Development Tester, SAS



The Formula Editor got a facelift for JMP 13. While this new design is intuitive and flows well, there are many enhancements to explore. This paper will start by showing off the new Formula Editor layout with its filterable function list, standard interactive column list, formula parameter/constant list and new larger workspace. Display updates include readability features for configurable matrix display, associative array display, automatic reformat of displayed formula depending on window size, and mini- and full-screen script editors. Using interactive examples, we will show more new features, including multiple column selection, drag/drop into formulas, context clicking replace and undo/redo functionality. We will share some lesser-known tricks such as alt-click formula replacement, direct editing of local variables and typing directly into formulas. We will also explore the new custom formats and show how these propagate to data tables and graphs.

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