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Level III

Online product ratings and reviews UNLEASHED by JMP® Pro 13 with the brand new Text Explorer

 Pablo Moreno Peláez, Senior Scientist


Consumer goods companies have seen their online channels grow exponentially, and with them, the amount of data generated by e-commerce activity. Product review data has become a valuable source of information for product quality, consumer satisfaction and competitive intelligence that represents an unchartered territory full of consumer insights awaiting to be discovered.

Until recently, text analysis tools required extensive manual reading and coding, specialized training, expensive tools or were limited to wordclouds that rendered the analysis tedious or worthless. With JMP Pro 13 and the Text Explorer platform, we can now do basic (including wordclouds!) to intermediate text analysis in a familiar and intuitive environment that democratizes text analytics.

We have leveraged this new capability to analyze ratings and reviews data for our key Home Care categories in search of valuable insights to better delight our consumers.