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Efficient Non-linear modeling with JMP

This presentation will show how to create a special non linear model with JMP. This model will be apply to several sets of data in one step and parameters quickly collected for stat. analysis.



I am working on an experimental research that introduces the need for non-linear grey-box system identification.


The physical-system that we have in the lab is characterized by a well-defined mathematical model with:

  • 15 input-signals (degrees of freedom)
  • 30 fixed, unknown, parameters (estimation target)
  • 4 output signals (observations)

I am interested in estimating these 30 unknown parameters, while the values of the 15 input signals may be set arbitrarily, and while monitoring the values of the 4 output signals.

The mathematical model, gives the 4 output signals as a function of: the 15 input signals and the 30 parameters, using highly non-linear functions.


I wonder if the JMP SW package has a module that can perform this identification task.


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