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Staff (Retired)

Analyzing Categorical Data in JMP: Exploration, Model Building, and a Little Math You Need to Know

Categorical columns—rating scales, classifications, and check all that apply—are often treated as if they are a “simple” data source, but the math behind the analysis is complex. This can leave a new analyst bewildered as they try to pick the best analyses and interpret the resulting models. Knowing some simple analysis techniques, a collection of JMP tools, and a few mathematical facts can make it easier to extract information from data tables with many categorical variables. This talk starts with categorical columns in the Distribution platform, moves through the visualisations in Graph Builder, and then showcases some of the models available on the Analyze menu. Intended for all levels of JMP experience, this presentation shows JMP features that can make data management easier for users who have a lot of categorical variables, as well as how to get the most out of any analysis.  


Hello-  is there a recording of this presentation?

I wish! This is a poster for Discovery Europe. I tried to make the slides self-explanatory. If you have questions, you can post them in the comments, and I can answer them here. 


Thanks for looking!