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Using JMP to Gain Deeper Insight Into Web Analytics Data

John Jones, JMP Online Marketing Manager, SAS

Arati Mejdal, JMP Global Social Media Manager, SAS


Marketers and other communicators have access to an enormous amount of rich data that can lead to meaningful insights about user/reader behavior and the effectiveness of online marketing programs. While tools such as Google Analytics offer ease of use and reports that can quickly help you spot trends or areas of concern in web content, they are limited in their capabilities to aggregate data, visualize it and interact with it in other important ways. Enter JMP! In this poster, we’ll show some examples of how we imported online data into JMP and used the interactive data analysis and visualization capabilities to more easily explore and understand user interactions, analyze marketing program effectiveness, and gain insights into the factors for success of these programs. Tree Map showing navigation patterns in the drop-down menus on JMP.comTree Map showing navigation patterns in the drop-down menus on