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Surviving the Rain: The Six-Step Programme for a JMP® Novice


A test has been developed within Syngenta that compares the rain fastness of agrochemical formulations on their target plant to a control treatment. Traditionally the data has been analysed manually and without using inference tests, which has been time consuming and has led to subjectivity when interpreting the results. Due to the nature of the test, it is not possible to use any of the ‘Analyze’ platforms to compare the rain fastness of treatments; therefore a Dunnett’s test is performed through formulae columns in the data table. This has been written into a script to automate the process, which involves the user copying their raw data into a data table, and assigning their control treatment. Through simple graphical outputs, the user can determine whether there is any chemical degradation or carryover during the analytical run, whether the rain fastness of their treatments are significantly different to the control, and generate a plot showing the rain fastness of their treatments with pooled confidence intervals.


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