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Jun 23, 2011

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Modelling Curves/Spectra With JMP

Silvio Miccio, Modelling and Simulation, Trainer and Consultant for Empirical Modelling and Optimisation, Procter & Gamble


Not all results we model are based on a few continuous or discrete responses. Sometimes the response is a curve, such as when we describe the tensile strength of a product or spectra providing insights on chemical composition or quantities. Instead of just modelling specific points of these curves (e.g., peak force), it is possible to model the entire curve/spectra, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the system. Some response curves can be explained by fitting basis functions, others by multivariate methods like PCA or PLS. Real-life examples will show how to model response curves in JMP, visualise them interactively in the JMP Profiler and discuss the conclusions.

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