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Cleaning Up and Visualizing My Workout Data With JMP

I began tracking weight training workouts in notebooks in middle school. However, training notes did not give me much insight into my patterns over the years until I began to import my data into JMP. I started in early 2015 by entering data from 14 of the past 17 Januaries. The boredom of manual data entry quickly drove me to investigate new tracking tools! I first adopted the Full Fitness tracking app, then the Push Strength weight training sensor band and app. Both allow me to record my workout details on my phone during a workout and export my data directly to CSV for import into JMP.

Whether collated from my notebooks, exported from Full Fitness, or collected with my Push band, my weight training data tables have presented challenges common to many high dimensional data sets. I have turned to JMP platforms I know and love to help clean up, categorize, and visualize aspects of my workout history. I used the JMP 12 Recode platform to combine replicate exercise names and categorize exercises by primary body part. I created a custom set of female muscle shape files and used graphs including these shapes as filters for other summary graphs, leveraging the new selection filter feature added in JMP 12.

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