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An Integrated Process Improvement Approach Using the Second-Generation Quality Tools in JMP®

Laura Lancaster, PhD, JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, SAS

Chris Gotwalt, PhD, JMP Director of Statistical Research and Development, SAS


The second-generation quality tools in JMP – Control Chart Builder, Measurement Systems Analysis and Process Capability – were designed with an integrative philosophy to make quality analysis easier and more effective. For example, the Shift Detection Profiler in the Measurement Systems Analysis platform allows quality engineers to make informed decisions about how to design their control chart methodology, taking into account their measurement system so they are alerted to process changes as quickly as possible. Similarly, the new Process Capability platform in JMP 12 was designed to reflect the type of control chart used in the statistical process control programme, and a capability report was added inside of the Control Chart Builder. Understanding how your measurement system, statistical process control programme and process capability assessments fit together is key to improving and maintaining quality. The software’s unique design philosophy makes this simple and straightforward. This integrative process improvement approach will be demonstrated with a manufacturing study using the quality tools in JMP 12.


I love the central ideas presented here and also that you consulted the awesome Don Wheeler !

And the improvements you've done on the Quality Tools platforms - amazing !

It would mean a lot if you could include graphs and JMP screenshots to support the the case study in the powerpoint deck.

- Randy, JMP newbie


I agree, it is great you have developed quality and process improvement tools.

Without accompanying visualisations, it does not seem as useful as it could be.


David Tucker

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