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Aug 19, 2014

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Using JMP® 12 Features in Choice to Optimise Transmedia Content

Melinda Thielbar, JMP Research Statistician Developer, SAS

Modern entertainment properties are not limited to just one storytelling medium. Video game characters and settings are now used as inspiration for movies. Television series have their own novel series lines with original plots and characters. Online video games can be written expressly to promote a comic book series. This idea has become so prevalent, it has its own term: transmedia. With so many choices, it’s increasingly difficult to decide which content should be a priority. We use a Choice Design created in JMP and the Choice platform to examine a scenario where a company can offer three content types: an e-book of a novel, a printed book and/or a mobile game based on the book, in different bundles at different prices. The choices are presented two at a time through a survey, which is administered to over 100 respondents. We then estimate feature utilities for different customer types and perform a willingness to pay analysis to determine which content is most valued. The Probability Profiler and the Multiple Choice Profiler (in JMP 12) provide insight into how customers will behave when different bundles are available at the same time.

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