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Student Preferences in Housing: Towards Individual Accommodations – A Discrete Choice Experiment using JMP®

This poster provides a practical guide using JMP on the design and analysis of a discrete choice experiment (DCE) run in collaboration with researchers from the Department of Transport and Regional Economics of the University of Antwerp to study the housing preferences of students in higher education in Antwerp (Belgium). In the DCE, 1047 students evaluated 22 choice sets involving different housing accommodations that range from collective housing to individual studios. Each choice set contains two profile accommodations that are described in terms of communal living facilities and housing type, location, size, price and whether they are furnished or not. An important attribute was price to be able to estimate the students’ willingness to pay for the accommodations. For each choice set, the students had to indicate their preferred housing accommodation.


The statistical analysis of the students’ choices revealed that students prefer a large furnished studio without communal living facilities, which is close to the university and inexpensive. Trading-off these ideal housing settings at the market equilibrium, students are willing to pay a substantial amount in order to shift from a traditional room with communal living facilities to a studio with no communal living facilities.