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Level III

Major product crisis 8D resolution process with JMP®

In the past, ULIS faced a major crisis which impacted the functionality of the big-runner products. The application JMP® was successfully used during the 3 main steps of crisis resolution, using the 8D methodology:

-          - Problem description:

  • A confidence interval calculation was used in order to compare the failure rates by product.
  • The “power platform” was used in order to determine whether the defect was originally present or if it was caused by a process drift.
  • Custom Wafermaps were created in the “Graph builder platform” in order to locate the defect on silicon wafers. The graph builders’ user-friendly interface was also helpful in creating chronograms of batch process histories and in determining when the problem appeared.


-           - Root cause analysis and Permanent Corrective Action:

  • By using JMP®‘s custom designer “distribution platform” and creating screening and response surface experiments, a gas rate variation was found to effect the failure rate.


-           Permanent Corrective Action efficiency validation:

  • The “power platform” was used to determine the mandatory minimum sample size for validating the efficiency of the corrective action with a reasonable level of confidence (power=80%).

Finally, JMP® has been a key contributor to the success of this crisis resolution.