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3D NAND 开发中的JMP应用_陈轶 (Thomas Chen)

演讲嘉宾:陈轶, 长江存储,产品工程与测试工程部总监
Speaker: Thomas Chen, Director of Product Engineering and Test Engineering, Yangtze Memory Technologies
演讲主题:3D NAND 开发中的JMP应用
Topic: Data Analysis in NAND Flash Development and Testing

当今世界已经进入大数据时代。在大数据时代中,有两个重要的指标可以用来评判一个应用是否符合大数据的需求 – 存储器容量与网络带宽。大约20年前,整个高科技行业更注重于提高系统的计算能力。每当Intel推出一款新的CPU,整个高科技行业都被带动前行。而今天,人们更关心数据的存储与传输。以iPhone为例,同一代iPhone的价格差异,只由iPhone存储器容量的大小来决定。 存储器,尤其是NAND闪存存储器,已经广泛地应用于人们的日常生活之中。从个人应用中的电脑、手机,到企业应用中的数据中心、服务器等等,NAND闪存为这些应用提供更高效、安全的、低功耗的数据存储方式。于此同时,这些应用的“大数据化”,也使得存储器成长为整个半导体行业中市占率第一的分支,占整个半导体行业总体营业额的近1/3。 长江存储是中国第一家,也是唯一一家同时具备NAND闪存研发与大规模生产能力的IDM公司。长江存储未来5年的规划生产能力为每月30万片晶圆。这也意味着,每个月有超过1020的闪存晶体管会在长江存储的生产工厂中被测试。精确且高效的测试数据分析,将成为推动研发,稳定产线,提高产品良率、品质与可靠性的最重要方法之一。 本次演示将使用几组实例,说明如何通过JMP软件辅助长江存储的产品研发及未来量产。



When we get into to the age of big data, we look at two important indictors to measure how deep to get involved in this revolution – memory size and network bandwidth. About 20 years ago, was a time when most people in the high-tech industry were still talking about the “computing capability” and were excited about the releases of Pentium serials. Today, only memory size, 128GB, 256GB …, differentiates an iPhone price. People are now more interested in how data is stored and transferred. Memory, especially NAND flash, is widely utilized in an individual’s daily life. From computers to cell phones, from data centers to enterprise grade servers, NAND flash has helped different applications solve data storage problems with higher efficiency, higher security and lower power. At the same time, big data applications also drive the memory industry, making it the first segment in semiconductor, occupying a third of the total semiconductor market. YMTC is the first and only IDM Company in China to develop and manufacture NAND flash. Given the capacity target of YMTC, which is over 300K wafers per month, over 1020 transistors will be tested every month in YMTC’s factory. Accurate and efficient data analysis is one of the most important ways to help quickly develop new products, stabilize mass production line and improve yield, quality and reliability. A couple of examples will be introduced during the presentation on how JMP is utilized during YMTC’s product development stage, and how it can help in future mass production.




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