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大数据: 重要的不是数据大小和数据本身,而是统计思维_林共进博士(Dennis Lin)

演讲嘉宾:林共进博士, 美国统计学会院士,美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学杰特聘教授

Speaker:Dennis K. J. Lin, Distinguished Professor, The Pennsylvania State University


主题:大数据: 重要的不是数据大小和数据本身,而是统计思维

Topic:  It's Not About Big nor Data; It's More About Statistics









To cook a good dish, you need three elements: good ingredients, easy-to-use cooking utensils, and good cooking methods. Research with big data is much the same. Your ingredients are big data, your cooking utensils are computers, and the most important cooking method is statistical thinking. It is worth mentioning that the ingredients and cooking utensils can be bought, but you have to learn and improve good cooking methods on your own. This talk will cover a few simple case studies, teaching you to cook with statistical thinking, giving an outlook on the future of big data (especially the Internet of Things), and providing some personal views.

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