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What's Your Competitive Advantatge?

 Cy Wegman



Competition drives innovation in the market place. Without competition businesses atrophy and become complacent. It is normal to think of competition between companies, but what about the competition of ideas internal to a company? Many of us have struggled over our careers to bring analytical tools to the forefront of our business practices but perhaps we could do much better if we approached this with a competitive mindset. Do we know and understand who our customer is? Can we clearly and succinctly express the benefits of our product? Do we even know what our product is? Do we know who or what our competition is? Have we addressed product renewal to sustain our product in the marketplace of ideas and approaches?

The goal of this presentation is to provoke ideas and approaches to mainstreaming analytics in your business and make it thrive based on personal and colleagues’ experiences. We will investigate different ideas that may help you be successful, avoid frustration and enjoy your work.






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