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Level II

Utilizing JMP® Database Query, Dashboard, and JSL to Expedite the Development of Powerful JMP® Apps ( US 2018 202 )

Level: Intermediate
James Pappas, Senior Principal Statistician, Medtronic
J. Bruce Dunne, Director, Medtronic



Each year, for the development of new LigaSure™ devices and generators, Medtronic engineers and scientists use a wide spectrum of data, ranging from supplier component data to final product performance data. Proper data management, timely analyses and data-driven decision making are critical for Medtronic. However, there are constraints and barriers that potentially compromise the ability to do these things effectively. These include, but are not restricted to, the limited availability of dedicated database developers, programmers and data analysts.

The purpose of this work is to utilize the JMP 14 database query and dashboard platforms in concert with JSL and the interactive HTML reports to analyze and visually illustrate device performance. The tools within JMP 13 allow an easy way to create deployable data analysis applications for a variety of internal customers, including high-level dashboards for management and detailed interactive analytical tools for product development engineers. The applications apply across all facets of the business and can be created quickly with minimal programming effort.

JMP 14 demonstrations will include examples of apps currently used to visualize and assess product performance and the relatively simple steps required in creating their respective scripts. Benefits of this are far-reaching, as more engineers become engaged in both data collection and analysis efforts related to their respective processes.