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Tutorial - Generalized Regression: The Most Flexible Modeling Platform That You're Not Using (US 2018 407)

These are the resources that I used in my tutorial at Discovery 2018 in Cary.


Generalized Regression - it sounds scary, but it's not. This platform in JMP Pro can handle most common linear modeling exercises. Need to find the best set of predictors in a sea of possibilities (i.e., variable selection)? This platform can do that. Need to model a categorical response with more than two levels? Generalized Regression can do that. Have problems with non-normal responses like count data or yield percentage? Where other modeling methods fall down with these responses, Generalized Regression handles them with aplomb. If you're not using this platform, you're missing out. We will look at using Genreg to build models in a variety of settings: starting with an orthogonal designed experiment and moving to large observational data sets.


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