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Level II

Time Trials: JMP® Emerges as the Clear Winner Versus Other Analytic Industry Competitors ( US 2018 115 )

Level: Beginner
Erin Wright, Informatics Scientist, Perrigo


The analytics industry has soared in the past few years, and it is beginning to feel like everyone is trying to build their own analytics tool for the market. As an aspiring data scientist, I have had the opportunity to test-drive several tools, and I am here to show you why I will put myself behind the wheel of JMP over the other tools every time. In this paper, I put JMP up against some of the most well-known analytic tools in the industry. One data set, six tools, same graphical goals – software review. See how JMP stacks up against Excel, SPSS, R, Tableau and Power BI when I put each to the test on the famous MTCARS data set.


There are more tools on the market than ever before and it is important to make the right choice when choosing analytics tools, especially when there is a cost involved.  The tool must be cost effective and be easy to use by anyone.  The time that it takes to perform an activity is a relative measure therefore to judge which tool performs best in the “time-trial”, a categorical rating system was used.






Special "Thanks" for their contribution, mentorship and support:

Rob Lievense - Research Fellow, Perrigo Statistics

Holly Bridges - Operations Manager, Perrigo R&D

Perry Truitt - Director CHC R&D, Perrigo


You pack a lot of information in a short presentation. A really good overview.

Thank you Phil, time was a big challenge!

choosing the software platform is one element in a wider picture. How, for example is data and software integrated in a comprehensive risk management system is a more complex issue to address. See how it was done at Perrigo http://asq.org/quality-progress/2011/09/risk-management/site-seeing.html