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The Fun Part: My Favorite Things About JMP® 14 ( US 2018 214 )

Level: Intermediate
Mandy Chambers, JMP Development Tester, SAS

What are some of your favorite things about data analysis and JMP? Some of my favorite things in JMP 14 include new features as well as some enhanced ones. After this talk, they may become your favorites as well. The new multiple file import capability allows you to load dozens or hundreds of files expediently and concatenate them into a single JMP data table. Column names can now be made shorter when linking virtually joined tables together, making reports and graphs with cleaner titles and axis labels. Data filters are more shareable among linked subsets or by groups, and local data filtering has been expanded, so it is accessible to all the linked subsets. This presentation highlights features that will get you to that analysis-ready state quickly and efficiently.

By importing multiple HR data files (anonymized internal SAS data), a personnel flow matrix can be generated to represent how many people joined, were promoted or left the company, as well as head count per division, performance ratings and new hire longevity. By virtually joining the tables and using the shareable data filter, you can remove or include the specific data that is important for your reporting. These topics will streamline every JMP user's experience with import capabilities, table explorations and data filtering. Adding those features to your favorite things list will leave more time for data analysis – the fun part!