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Level I

Predicting Determining Factors of Asian Countries Growth Rates for Business Opportunity

Christine Joy Manglicmot, Department of Marketing Analytics

Oklahoma State University



The goal of this study is to predict which factors play the largest role in a countries GDP growth rates. Entrepreneur’s looking for new opportunities will be able to use this in determining which markets to enter. This would also offer countries the opportunity of UN recognition. Lastly, this will give researchers a better basis for conducting future analyses.

We are examining Asian countries. The top 20 countries were chosen from the most recent published growth rate rankings. The target variable is gross domestic product growth rate percentage. The independent variables are GPD per capita, volume of exports, government debt, natural resource yield, net foreign aid, life expectancy, literacy, electricity usage, energy source, unemployment rate, and political status. Some of these variables are divided to gather more knowledge for growth rates.


Our data is being collected from The World Bank, Our World in Data,, Statistics Time, and other statistical sources. We were able to use JMP as a tool to run regression models and decision trees to find which variables have significance and compare their correlation through Beta and running decision trees. JMP allowed us to visualize each variable for CRISP-DM.


All dollar amounts are measured in USD millions.