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Let's Talk Tables (US 2018 412)

JMP 13 introduced virtual joins for JMP tables. This capability enables you to use common keys to link multiple tables, without using the time/memory necessary to actually create a joined (denormalized) copy of your data. Virtually joining tables gives a table access to columns from the linked tables for easy data exploration. A new feature in JMP 14 advances the virtual join capabilities to allow linked tables to communicate with each other by sharing rows states. New options allow you to set up a link reference table to listen and/or dispatch row state changes among virtually joined tables. This feature provides an incredibly powerful data exploration interface that avoids unnecessary table manipulations. This presentation will highlight the new features in JMP with examples using the common sample data followed by a practical application of these features as implemented in JMP Clinical. We will create a review of multiple metrics on patients in a clinical trial that are virtually linked to a subject demographic table and show how a data filter on the Link ID table enables global subject filtering throughout all of the linked safety (adverse events, labs, etc.) tables.

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