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Just Survive Somehow: An Exploration of the Storylines, Characters and Audience Reactions in Our Favorite Post-Apocalyptic World ( US 2018 219 )

Level: Intermediate
Ruth Hummel, JMP Academic Ambassador, SAS
Clay Barker, JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, SAS


Best Contributed Paper

JMP provides a variety of tools that make life easier for a data analyst, from obtaining and manipulating data to visualizing and analyzing it. In this talk, we will show how we used JMP to tackle a very important challenge: answering questions concerning our favorite television show about zombies. Are there trends in viewership or how episodes are received by viewers? Are there “turning point” episodes? What tends to make characters on the show survive longer? We will walk through obtaining this data from the web, preparing the data for analysis, visualizing trends, and finally, analyzing the data in hopes of answering our questions. A variety of analysis platforms in JMP and JMP Pro will be used, including Fit-Y-By-X, Text Explorer and Generalized Regression, and we will consider some common analysis techniques as well as some uncommon ones. After all, we’re just getting started…



No rush, but would you mind posting your data and presentation from today's session?

@joseph_nutter_7, Ditto! This would be a perfect dataset to show to my User Group!