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Level I

JEDIS: The JMP® Experimental Design Iterative Solver ( US 2018 143 )

Level: Intermediate
Jason Sheldon, Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analyses


The JMP Experimental Design Iterative Solver (JEDIS) is an add-in for JMP software that helps automate the design of experiments process within JMP in a user-friendly manner. JEDIS builds multiple test designs in JMP over user-specified ranges of sample sizes, signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) and alpha (1-confidence) levels. It then automatically calculates the statistical power to detect an effect due to each factor and any specified interactions for each design. When finished, JEDIS presents the statistical power versus design metrics in interactive plots and stores the data in an easy-to-use format. JEDIS supports generating factorial and optimal designs, but does not currently support generating split-plot designs. The JEDIS Light feature can compute power for a premade design table, including premade split-plot designs, over ranges of SNRs and alpha levels. Any version updates to JEDIS will be posted here.



Example using JEDIS for a Full Factorial DOEExample using JEDIS for a Full Factorial DOEExample exploring JEDIS plot optionsExample exploring JEDIS plot options

 Slides (also attached):