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Exploring Female Nobel Laureates in JMP Featuring HTML5

Hui Di



Throughout the history of the Nobel awards, do you know which Prize category women are most likely to win? Do you know if the number of female Nobel Laureates increases over the decades?

With JMP and by sharing through HTML5, you can easily discover and share this information. Hover on bar charts to find answers. In addition, we can find details about each female Nobel Laureate. Hover on a marker on the Points chart to see female Nobel Laureate’s picture and her category of Nobel prize. 

In this poster, I'll show:

1) Importing the source data and preparing data for further analysis

2) Exploring geographic information for these female Nobel laureates on a global map

3) Using JMP to predict which kind of people are most likely to be awarded a Nobel Prize in the future

Finally, a JMP HTML5 dashboard will display all the information above with dynamic linking between all the graphs.  Users can explore and discover the details on Female Nobel Laureates by hovering and clicking. Also, users can share this HTML5 outside of JMP.