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Data Exploration Using Interactive HTML Data Filters in JMP® 14 ( US 2018 151 )

Level: Beginner
Bryan Fricke, JMP Senior Software Developer, SAS

Since JMP 11, users have been able to export interactive HTML JMP graphs for data exploration without the aid of JMP. Until JMP 14, data exploration has been limited to informative tool tips and data selections linked between graphs. Now, JMP 14 adds support for data filters, which can be used to visually explore which data categories and/or value ranges wield the most influence over exported graphs. In addition to all the currently supported graph types, treemaps are now supported. This paper demonstrates how interactive HTML graphs can be used to gain insights into the relationships between variables in a completely visual manner. In particular, we will explore relationships between country metrics such as gross domestic product (GDP) and World Happiness Report scores.


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