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Building a Set of Statistical Tools With Scripting in JMP® ( US 2018 135 )

Level: Intermediate
Sean Hardy, Biostatistician, IDEXX Laboratories


JMP has many built-in applications for standard statistical analyses that are user-friendly and accessible. Frequently, however, there are cases of repeatable analyses specific to one person, process or industry that might be missing from the core features of JMP and would be desirable to some, but perhaps not all analysts. The JMP Scripting Language (JSL) provides the capability to develop your own tools in the form of add-ins for specific analyses, reference tables and much more. You can even build add-in packages that can be easily shared with other JMP users. The possibilities for the tools themselves are nearly endless, and the only major barrier to building basic tools is understanding how to write scripts in JSL. In this presentation, I will go through the process of designing and building one of these tools. I will provide a brief walk-through of add-in creation for beginners, as well as a couple of examples showcasing how truly creative you can be.