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Level IV

20 Tips and Tricks to Make JMP® Work Better for You Regardless of Experience Level ( US 2018 137 )

Level: Beginner
Michael Anderson, Senior Engineer, Corning

JMP is incredibly powerful, and each new version adds many useful features, but also changes or removes options and moves things around. For new users it can be daunting, and for longtime users it can result in missing out on efficiency-boosting workflows. This paper will step through 20 pieces of advice – from simple tips to more involved tricks – that will help you get the most from JMP with the least amount of work, so you can focus on your data rather than the tools. These tips will help you with bringing data into JMP, putting together your analysis and getting your results presentation-ready!


Note: I uploaded the annotated journal and presentation, had to zip the data files to get them to upload properly.  Please save everything to the same folder as the journal has only local references to the files.



Hi Michael, 

just a comment to the journal and project. The paths do not work unless you put all related files in the C: folder. There are nice ways to get around those things, e.g. the Journal Packager Add-In helps to change the paths to relative paths by packing all related files (wherever thy are into a folder and package all as a zip file. 

Also in the project you can archive the project and get everything related to. However I recommend for the project to place it upfront in a folder high up in the path, e.g. C:/MyProject, as the path will be replicated in the packaged version and you do not want  a lenghty folder structure C:/Users/myname/Demo/Project/....

However, I liked the tips overview!