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jClick! – Revolutionizing Data Analysis and Delivery in Semiconductor High-Volume Manufacturing

Kevin Lennon, Intel Staff Technologist, Intel Corporation Adrian Porter, Senior Staff Engineer, Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, supplies processors used in every part of the connected world; from high-powered multi-core servers to ultra-low power internet of things devices. In the creation of these world-class products, the manufacture of silicon wafers creates terabytes of data – data that can, and must, be used to maximize value. In 2009 the authors initiated a data analytics revolution by creating an automated data delivery system in Intel Ireland’s Fab 24 site that has gone on to save over 1,000 engineers hundreds of thousands of hours in engineering time. It has automated mundane tasks to allow immediate solutions and it has detected defect signals that were previously undetectable. The system is called jClick!, and JMP is right at its heart. What started as a lean project in a single process engineering department has spread to seven high-volume manufacturing facilities and is being used by thousands of employees daily. By focusing on the individual needs of the engineer and looking for lots of small wins, jClick! has succeeded in making analytics personal. jClick! is a remarkable tale of technical innovation and inventive marketing, one everyone should hear.

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