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You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist: JMP ® Martian Chronicles

James Wisnowski, PhD, Principal Consultant and Co-Owner, Adsurgo Kristopher Kriechbaum, Senior Mechanical Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

The 2020 Mars Rover team at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab continuously faces engineering and testing challenges for development of the new Rover vehicle and associated systems for the next mission. The introduction of JMP to the 2020 Sampling and Caching Team for design of experiments, data analytics, and data visualization has resulted in game-changing impact across a variety of tough problems. These engineers and scientists, not statisticians or analysts by trade, were able to quickly use foundational JMP capabilities to discover novel, meaningful relationships that ultimately led to hardware and software changes. Many team members further developed their JMP skills to design advanced tests, model complex relationships, and effectively tease out signals in large, noisy data sets. Much like Ray Bradbury’s collection of short stories in The Martian Chronicles, we will present several vignettes where the team has effectively applied multiple analytic pathways using a combination of data visualization and statistical modeling. We will demonstrate using examples of data cleaning, hardware design analysis, root cause analysis of system failures, simulation model validation, and designs for optimization in extreme environments. The focus will be on data visualization featuring platforms such as Graph Builder, Life Distribution, Nonlinear, Fit Curve, Custom DOE, and Space-Filling Designs.

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