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Level II

Wrangling and Exploring Data on a Path to Understanding and Hypotheses

Jim Grayson, PhD, Professor, Hull College of Business, Augusta University

Houssein A. Sater, MD, Translational Immunotherapy Fellow, Augusta University

John Janik, MD, Director of the Immune Therapy Clinical Trial Program, Georgia Cancer Center, Augusta University

Developing models is not as easy as books suggest in their illustrations of modeling processes. It is a messy, iterative and multi-pathed process often requiring one to circle back many times. Our data is a cancer set with a small number of observations and many potential predictors, of which the majority are categorical variables. We will show the iterative process of exploring, understanding and eventually coming to an understanding of our predictors and hypotheses for further study. All demonstrations will use JMP Pro 14, showing univariate and multivariate analyses; Graph Builder with column switcher and a local data filter for insights and discovery; Multiple Correspondence Analysis and exploratory modeling to reduce dimensionality; and Generalized Regression.

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