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The Distribution Platform: Not Just for Histograms

Karen Copeland, PhD, Owner, Boulder Statistics

The Distribution platform is an original, in that it has been part of JMP since day one. For those of us who like stability, the basic look of the Distribution platform has stayed consistent since the late ‘80s. However, look deeper, and the gems that now lie below the surface are what we will explore. This session is for experienced users and newcomers alike. For those brand new to JMP, you will come away with a strong understanding of the platform; how to use red triangle menus, right-click menus and other basic JMP skills. These skills will make your exploration of other more complex platforms much easier. Beyond basic platform navigation, we will look at many topics within the Distribution platform. The Distribution platform is an often-used platform in my work. It is where I start with a new data set to learn about the data and perform quick data QC. Simple platform, deep knowledge – what could be better?

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