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Same Problem, Different Audience: Using JMP Dashboards to Identify and Communicate Opportunities for Reducing Length of Stay

Eric Stephens, Manager of Population Health Analytics, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Mary Ann Shifflet, PhD, Assistant Professor, Romain College of Business, University of Southern Indiana

Amy Cohen, PhD, Director of Educational Technology, Harvard School of Public Health       

Shirley Shmerling, PhD, Senior Lecturer of Operations and Information Management, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts

Susan Madden, Associate Director, Case-Based Teaching and Learning Initiative, Harvard School of Public Health

Jane Oppenlander, PhD, Professor, Clarkson University

Reducing length of stay (LOS) is a key clinical and operational priority for any hospital, as the longer a patient stays, the greater the likelihood that he or she will experience an adverse event such as a fall or an acquired infection, and the fewer the beds available to serve new patients who also need care. In this presentation, we illustrate how various exploratory and modeling techniques in JMP can be used to identify the primary factors associated with extended LOS for a cohort of diabetes patients, as well as how the results of the analysis can be communicated to two distinct audiences – physicians and administrators – to help drive improvement efforts from both perspectives. We will demonstrate Dashboard Builder and interactive HTML as vehicles for delivering insights to end users, as well as for providing them with a starting point for further self-service analysis.

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