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Level III

Query Builder for Tables: A "No Tears" Way for Newcomers to Relate to the Relational Model

Robert Carver, PhD, Professor of Business Administration, Stonehill College

Some of the most creative applications in business analytics combine data from multiple sources in novel ways. When a project draws upon data from several sources, the data management tasks can be daunting for a student or a relatively new analyst. Even when you have good statistical skills, it can be challenging to brush up on SQL or other tools needed to join, subset or otherwise wrangle data in preparation for analysis. JMP 12 introduced Query Builder for querying databases, and JMP 13 went a step further, adding Query Builder to the Tables menu. Even if your formal training with relational databases is nonexistent or quite old, Query Builder for Tables makes it painless to perform database operations on JMP data tables. If you've had mixed success joining tables in the past, Query Builder will be a welcome addition to your repertoire. This talk presents an illustrative example from the perspective of a statisitcs instructor who wants to bring more data management into an introductory statistics course. It should be quite easy for all attendees to follow, and of particular interest to teachers and trainers.



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