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Overcoming Health Care Improvement Case Study Hurdles With JMP®

Mary Ann Shifflet, Assistant Professor, Romain College of Business, University of Southern Indiana

Jane Oppenlander, Assistant Professor, Clarkson University


This presentation was voted one of the three finalists for Best Poster.


Quality improvement techniques have been successfully applied in some industries for many years.  However, the use of these techniques in health care improvement is relatively new.  Finding examples and rich datasets for teaching health care quality improvement tends to be more challenging than in most other areas.  This presentation addresses some of these challenges including lack of real data for case studies, case study content and associated technical terminology, and the privacy issues surrounding health care data.  While there are many challenges in using case studies to teach these concepts, interactive JMP analyses and visualizations facilitate the problem-solving process.   Authentic, easy to use, health care quality improvement case studies will better prepare students to enter the health care workforce.  Several case studies are presented that utilize JMP software to teach the most common techniques in quality improvement and illustrate how we can overcome the hurdles.

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