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Getting to Know JMP® Life Sciences

Kelci Miclaus, JMP Life Sciences R&D Manager, SAS


JMP Clinical and JMP Genomics are aimed specifically at vertical applications for clinical trials and genomic discovery (respectively) in the life sciences research domain. These products integrate JMP and SAS to perform their analyses. Each product presents a custom user interface tailored to the domain area and is developed using the add-in architecture provided by JMP. In this presentation, we will present a high-level overview of how these products function, with specific focus on how we use JMP functionality (JSL scripting, analytical platforms and graphics, dashboards, and JMP data tables) to create a customized analysis interface. In addition to these two formal products, we will discuss several freely available add-ins that our life sciences group created for other areas of life science research.


The attachment provides the slides for this presentation (a large portion will be an online demonstration). There are several links in the presentation to online resources.