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Efficient and Agile Evidence-Based Decision Making: Using JMP ® for On-the-Fly Analytics During Public Policy Consensus Meetings

Henry T. Bahnson, Principal Biostatistician, Benaroya Research Institute

Public health guidelines are often established during consensus meetings where groups of experts review published literature and prepared reports before discussing health policy recommendations. These meetings are often fast-moving, dynamic, and unpredictable, as experts interpret data differently and speculate on what results would have shown had they been performed differently (e.g., adjustment for different covariates or investigation of subgroup effects). Having the ability to respond to questions and address assertions with real-time data analytics can add great value to these consensus meetings. This presentation will address how JMP users can better prepare their data sets and analyses so they can respond to questions and assertions with efficiency and agility. Topics addressed are: metadata creation and data set structures for agile analytics, creation of row states to define analysis and visualization themes, setting column properties, grouping variables into themes for use with the column switcher, dashboard construction and analysis methods to anticipate questions. Lastly, the presentation will promote and justify why data scientists should engage in meetings where real-time analytics can serve to fact check assertions, dynamically respond to questions, and ultimately help guide recommendations for evidence-based medicine.

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