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Data visualization – it’s not just for cubicle dwellers anymore

Canh Khong, Quality Technician II, Samson Rope Technologies

Stephen W. Czupryna, Quality Process Engineer, Samson Rope Technologies

As a manufacturer, Samson Rope Technologies, Inc. deals with a steady stream of process improvement and optimization challenges. We know from experience that many important challenges are simply too complex to be solved by a small group of experts huddled in a poorly ventilated conference room. With that in mind, this poster will describe, in a highly visual format, a joint effort by engineering, quality, production supervisory, production front line and supply chain personnel to resolve a chronic rope manufacturing problem using JMP 13 and the vaunted Visual Six Sigma1 method. For the reader’s benefit, we’ll emphasize data visualization and the gratifying, collaborative work that took place on the production floor…where the real action is.



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