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Level II

Automate the Connection of Warranty Claim to Supplier to Improve Warranty Cost Recovery Efforts

Veronica Heber, Reliability Analyst, Cummins

Neha Kichambare, Reliability Analytics Specialist, Cummins

In order to tie warranty claim data to key suppliers, we need to manipulate and translate data from multiple systems or databases to link the information together. Each of these systems has a unique way of describing the failures and the parts associated with the failures, and the warranty claim information may indicate multiple types of failures and multiple parts replaced. We use JMP to identify the causal part replaced for each warranty claim based on historical information. We then use that part number, along with information about the product and where and when it was built, to map the claim to the responsible supplier. Query Builder is utilized to retrieve the data from multiple systems. We use Text Explorer to create a recoded supplier name from the text-entry systems, with notifications to the user to review if new relationships are found. The results are then visualized in Graph Builder to present to internal customers as well as suppliers. The entire process is scripted in a JMP add-in with a user interface to allow data queries for specific products or time frames.

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