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Visually Exploring Design of Experiments Models With the Generalized Regression Platform

Chris Gotwalt chris.gotwalt1, PhD, JMP Director for Statistical Research and Development, SAS

Clay Barker clay.barker, PhD, JMP Senior Research Statistician, SAS


The Generalized Regression platform (GenReg) has evolved into a world-class framework for the analysis of designed experiments. In this presentation, we use simple case studies to demonstrate how easy it is to use GenReg's powerful new automated model selection capabilities such as the double lasso and two stage forward selection. Most importantly, we will show how GenReg's interactive diagnostic plots demystify the analysis of designed experiments. The case studies will include supersaturated designs, definitive screening designs, and designed experiments for binomial responses. As a part of the presentation, we will also introduce the new Simulate capability in JMP Pro 13 as a way to evaluate the statistical power of the model selection capabilities in GenReg. Finally, we will show how to use GenReg and Simulate together to obtain power calculations for non-standard analyses like the logistic regression for designed experiments with binary outcomes.

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